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September 16, 2020

Closeup of a Teravail Washburn tire mounted on a bike

The Washburn is a high-performance tire suitable for gravel and all-road riding. Designed for rides that cover everything from rough pavement to fast gravel, it’s a tire that can put you on the podium on Saturday and take you to work on Monday.

Closeup of the Washburn's tread on a bike that has ridden through red dirt

A slick center tread improves rolling efficiency for floating over dirt and gravel or urban asphalt. Progressive transition lugs and tall side lugs are spaced out to shed debris and provide progressive grip in turns and loose terrain.

Left image is a rider preparing to ride their gravel bike. On the right a cyclist riding on gravel with Washburn tires.

To suit rider preferences and fit a variety of all-road and gravel bikes, we offer the Washburn in the following sizes:

  • 700c x 38 mm
  • 700c x 42 mm
  • 650b x 47 mm
Left diagram shows Washburn tires with light and supple casing. Right diagram shows the Washburn's durable casing structure.

Washburn riders have the option of two different casings. Our 60 TPI Durable casing features a robust woven nylon composite reinforcement between the outer rubber and the inner casing within the sidewalls to prevent tearing and abrasions. Our Light and Supple casing provides superior ride quality and lighter weight if extra flat protection is unnecessary. Washburn is available with a tan sidewall or standard black sidewall.

0:00 - [Narrator] It's not just gravel. 0:02 It's fast rolling hero dirt and blown out back roads. 0:07 Machine cuts single track and long lost forest trails. 0:11 Washboard, sand, rock, and rut. 0:16 It's taking the dirt shortcut to work 0:18 and crossing continents. 0:20 Overnighters and new places and meeting friends at the spot. 0:25 Discovery, thrills, limits, and love. 0:32 Pain prompted promises of never again, 0:35 only to show up the next weekend. 0:37 Determination, speed, hustle, and hope. 0:43 Gravel may not mean something to everyone, 0:46 but to some of us, it means everything. 0:50 For the full line of Gravel tires 0:52 and our newest, fastest tire, Washburn, 0:54 visit

As with all Teravail tires, the Washburn is tubeless-ready to reduce flats and provide greater traction and ride feel at low pressures.