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Top half of a red gravel bike with view of the Teravail front tire with a tan sidewall.


Here at Teravail, we make tires in a wide variety of tread patterns, casing constructions, and sizes to cover the near-infinite number of riding conditions out there. We design every tire to excel in specific terrain based on our extensive experience and testing. We believe that tires should enhance the ride experience for a better connection with the places you ride.

Here’s a look at our full tire lineup and how to choose the one that will best serve your needs. 

How to Choose the Right Bike Tires

With all of the tire options out there, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? We find it’s best to start by selecting the right tread pattern for your local terrain and riding style.

  • What surfaces do you ride on most? Large, loose gravel? Smooth dirt? Cracked pavement? Rocky, rooty singletrack?
  • What sort of performance do you want from your tires? Full confidence when cornering in loose terrain? Maximum rolling efficiency for long stretches of gravel?

All-Road and Gravel Tires

Our all-road and gravel lineup is ideal for terrain ranging from rough pavement to smooth dirt roads to large, chunky gravel. These allroad and gravel tires are designed with efficiency, reliability, and ease of use.


Performs best on: Pavement / Hard-Packed Dirt and Gravel

An all-road tire with an ultra-smooth ride on rough pavement (and beyond). Rampart is perfect for:

  • Poorly maintained backroads where the pavement is broken and interspersed with gravel,/li>
  • Around town on a mix of city streets and graded gravel paths
    Teravail Rampart Tire composite image with tread detail and sidewall detail.


Performs best on: Pavement / Hard-Packed Dirt and Gravel / Loose Gravel

  • Gravel rides that require a lot of paved riding to get to
  • Gravel races with fast, smooth dirt and gravel roads
Teravail Rampart Tire composite image with tread detail and sidewall detail.


Performs best on: Pavement / Hard-Packed Gravel / Loose Gravel / Singletrack

A versatile gravel racing tire designed to roll fast and shed dirt and gravel debris. Cannonball is perfect for:

  • All-around gravel racing in normal conditions
  • General recreational gravel riding
Teravail Cannonball Tire composite image with tread detail and sidewall detail.


Performs best on: Loose and Chunky Gravel / Mud and Wet Gravel / Singletrack

A gravel tire that’s big on traction but doesn’t bog you down in loose conditions. Rutland is perfect for:

  • Gravel racing and riding on wet and/or loose terrain
  • Gravel rides that include singletrack or off-road segments
Teravail Rutland Tire composite image with tread detail and sidewall detail.

Off-Road Tires

The term “off-road” covers a lot of ground, from remote forest service roads to silky singletrack to rugged enduro trails. Our lineup of off-road tires is designed to carry you through anything you’ll find out there.


Performs best on: Loose Gravel / Hard Packed Gravel / Singletrack

A bikepacking tire that rolls efficiently and corners well on a variety of road surfaces. Sparwood is perfect for:

  • Bikepacking on a mix of pavement, gravel, and singletrack
  • Fast gravel rides when the terrain includes larger, looser gravel
Teravail Sparwood Tire composite image with tread detail and sidewall detail.


Performs best on: Sandy Terrain / Large and Loose Gravel

A plus tire designed for flotation and traction on sand and other loose surfaces. Coronado is perfect for:

  • Desert bikepacking routes such as the Baja Divide
  • Chunky fire roads and off-route wandering
Teravail Rampart Tire composite image with tread detail and sidewall detail.


Performs best on: Smooth Hardpack / Firm and Flowy Singletrack

A modern XC tire that rolls fast when going straight and holds fast when cornering. Ehline is perfect for:

  • Flowy, progressive XC trails
  • Bikepacking on singletrack and doubletrack
Teravail Ehline Tire composite image with tread detail and sidewall detail.


Performs best on: Loose Over Hardpack / Loose Rocks and Roots

A trail bike tire designed to roll quickly without losing grip in rocky, rooty terrain. Honcho is perfect for:

  • All-around trail riding
  • Rocky, rooty, and wet trail conditions
Teravail Honcho Tire composite image with tread detail and sidewall detail.


Performs best on: Loose Rocks and Roots / Loam

A progressive trail tire with a balance of traction and speed for many trail types. Warwick is perfect for:

  • Stout XC trails
  • All-mountain and enduro terrain

Teravail Warwick Tire - Side profile and tread detail angles shown


Performs best on: Loam / Large Rocks and Roots / Rock Slabs

An enduro and all-mountain tire with exceptional grip on loose and technical terrain. Kessel is perfect for:

  • Technical enduro trails
  • Aggressive all-mountain riding
Teravail Kessel Tire composite image with tread detail and sidewall detail.

Just So You Know: Your front and rear tires don’t have to match. You can customize the way your bike behaves by experimenting with front and rear tire combinations. Many riders opt for a more open and aggressive tread in the front (like Kessel) for cornering performance, with lower-profile tread in the rear (like Ehline) for rolling efficiency.

Choosing the Right Tire Construction

Once you have a tread pattern in mind, you can further dial in your desired performance, ride quality, and durability with one of our three casing options:

  • LIGHT AND SUPPLE – Light and cushy ride feel, but with less puncture protection than its durable counterparts. This is ideal for riders looking to minimize weight and maximize comfort.
Illustrated cross-section diagram of Teravail's Light and Supple Casing.
  • DURABLE – Robust composition with a woven nylon layer in the sidewall and tread cap to protect the tire against punctures, abrasions, and lacerations. This is the sweet spot for riders seeking a stable and reliable touring setup or those who like ride in sharp, rocky environments.
Illustrated cross-section diagram of Teravail's Durable Casing.
  • ULTRA DURABLE (SELECT TIRES ONLY)– The same as our Durable casing, with an additional ½ ply of 120tpi casing and apex wedges for extra insurance against abrasion and a line of defense against sharp impacts to your rim.
Illustrated cross-section diagram of Teravail's Ultra Durable Casing.

Choosing the Right Tire Size

Finally, you’ll want to consider what size tire works best with your frame and your riding needs. There are several factors that go into choosing the right size, so we made a separate article to explain it all. Read our tire size guide here.